Caccini's Euridice

The Cantanti Project, 2018

 "Lydia Dahling, as Prosperina, surprisingly takes Orfeo's side in the debate, her singing warm of tone yet urgent...The characters' varying gestures of supplication, implacability, and intercession were done with authority: engrossing staging, very well-played."- Oberon's Grove, February 2018

"Dramaturg, Lydia Dahling, said it best, when telling how 'the story of Orpheus and his journey to the Underworld to revive his wife, Euridice, has captured our attention and imagination since ancient times.  It makes us question how far we would go for those we love and allows us to examine love’s power against the forces that would hinder it.' "- Jennifer Pyron, OperaWire, February 2018

Melinda's Mad Scene from Bánk bán

The Cantanti Project, October 2017

"The music has a distinct Magyar flavor and Ms. Dahling was superbly coached... There were many changes of mood, all well realized by vocal coloration and acting skills."- Voce di Meche, October 2017

Mozart's Don Giovanni

Mannes Opera, May 2012

"Lydia Dahling was a cute-as-a-button, sweet-voiced Zerlina"- Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News, May 2012